The Competition

Blood Drives United, the student-led organization that runs two competitions throughout the school year. The first is Blood Battle against OSU in the fall semester and the Face-Off Blood Challenge against MSU during the winter semester. These competitions seek to promote school spirit, university pride, and unite different sectors of the campus and student body by organizing, promoting, and executing Blood Battle and other blood drives on campus.

Blood Battle against OSU
Blood Battle is the annual fundraiser between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University. This competition is sponsored by the American Red Cross and Blood Drives United, a university-supported service organization. The competition extends the athletic rivalry beyond the gridiron as students, staff, and community members donate blood to save lives. In the weeks leading up to The Game, blood drives will be held at various locations across the U of M campus in an effort to collect more pints of blood than Ohio State. After a six year losing streak, U of M has pulled ahead to win the battle for five of the past six years. The competition typically occurs in the span of a three week period in November.


Face-Off Blood Challenge
Face-off is our blood drive competition that is held annually every winter during the months of January and February on the U of M campus. This competition typically takes place against either Michigan State University or all of the Big Ten schools get involved with the life-saving cause to compete against each other.



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