Meet the Executive Officers

Sarah Gerlach

alumni homecoming tailgate

Sarah is a senior from Muskegon, Michigan studying Ancient Greek and Latin.  She loves finding ancient connections to the modern world!

“I love what BDU does because I want to help others as much as I can.  I also love the competitive nature of Blood Battle and Face Off!”

Laurel Fricker

apartment14Laurel is a junior from West Lafayette, Indiana double majoring in German and History. She one days hopes to be fluent in German but for now she’s on the quidditch team, sings the Frozen soundtrack, abuses caffeine, and saves lives with Blood Drives United.

“I began donating in high school and loved the feeling that since blood cannot be manufactured, I was personally saving a life!”

Betelhem Ashame

IMG_0659Betelhem is a sophomore from Southfield, MI who has been involved with blood drives since her freshman year of high school, so it only makes sense that she would continue to do so in college. She is an avid sports fan and cannot wait for the opportunity to beat OSU and State every year for the next four years!

 “I hear people talk all the time about wanting to make a difference in their lives, so here’s the opportunity. One pint of blood can potentially save three lives. That means donating blood one time can potentially change three people’s lives for the better. Make a difference, donate blood.”

Clark Pitcher

 photoClark is from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and is a junior majoring in Biomolecular Science. The first time he ever donated blood was in the Blood Battle competition, and has continued donating every year since.

“Being part of an organization like Blood Drives United is just awesome. We give people an amazing opportunity to make a significant impact on a complete stranger’s life.”

Anna Kemp

annaAnna is a junior studying civil and environmental engineering. She was born on Independence Day!

“Blood Battle is such a rewarding experience for everyone involved and there are so many different opportunities to be involved in this life-changing and life-saving competition.”