Hi everyone!

We want to update you on our latest blood drive on campus. We are having our very 1st protest drive regarding the MSM policy on Monday, March 25, from 12-6pm in the Vandenberg room of the Michigan League.

You can sign up here to make an appointment (sponsor code: goblue).

Read on to find out more about the MSM policy and what we’re doing:

The FDA currently has a lifetime deferral from giving blood on men who have had sex with other men since 1977. Blood Drives United, a student organization, is in the midst of planning a movement regarding this current blood donation policy. The particular issue has not been ignored, and we are often the targets of attacks from dissenters. We want to state firmly that we believe the policy is discriminatory, and have begun to look for support from students, student leaders on campus, and the administration over the past two years.

In order implement a change in the pre donation questionnaire we suggest that the inherently discriminatory question with one that states “Have you had unprotected sexual contact with a new sexual partner in the past 12 weeks?” hereby eliminating the deferral base on sexual orientation, but on behavior alone. A petition will be created in order to record the number of supporters of this initiative. The petition will be available at all blood drives on campus along with various events on campus in the fall.

Our hope is to take this student driven initiative nationwide, with the help of the blood drive competitions; Blood Battle against the Ohio State University in the fall semester, and the Big Ten Blood Challenge in the winter semester, to increase the availability of the petition. We are excited by the potential to make a change with this initiative starting at the University of Michigan.

Tweet at us with #BleedforEquality and/or upload a photo of you to Facebook showing your support!